FATRFL Rosters as of 1999 WEEK #13
Mt Vernon Voodoo                           BC Warriors
Nick Prante                                William Holbrook
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Pos Player              NFL Team     IR    Pos Player              NFL Team     IR
---------------------------------------    ---------------------------------------
QB: Brett Favre         Packers            QB: Chris Chandler      Falcons
RB: Tim Biakabutuka     Panthers               Jim Harbaugh        Chargers
    Natrone Means       Chargers           RB: Sedrick Irvin       Lions
    Rashaan Shehee      Chiefs                 Robert Smith        Vikings
    Ricky Watters       Seahawks               Tyrone Wheatley     Raiders
WR: David Boston        Cardinals          WR: Wayne Chrebet       Jets
    Albert Connell      Redskins               Raghib Ismail       Cowboys
    Germane Crowell     Lions                  Tony Martin         Dolphins
    Sean Dawkins        Seahawks               Ed McCaffrey        Broncos
    Bobby Engram        Bears                  Frank Sanders       Cardinals
    Ike Hilliard        Giants             TE: Frank Wycheck       Titans
    Torry Holt          Rams               K : Steve Christie      Bills
    Michael Westbrook   Redskins               Brett Conway        Redskins
K : Todd Peterson       Seahawks           Def Indianapolis DefenseColts
Def San Diego Defense   Chargers               Tennessee Defense   Titans

The Which Bear Project                     Enlightenment Cafe
Erik Crocker                               Jeff Harpe
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Pos Player              NFL Team     IR    Pos Player              NFL Team     IR
---------------------------------------    ---------------------------------------
QB: Mark Brunell        Jaguars            QB: Jeff Blake          Bengals
    Damon Huard         Dolphins               Ray Lucas           Jets
    Brad Johnson        Redskins           RB: Terrell Fletcher    Chargers
RB: Karim Abdul-Jabbar  Browns                 Charlie Garner      49ers
    Jerome Bettis       Steelers               Greg Hill           Lions
    Olandis Gary        Broncos                Travis Jervey       49ers
    Richard Huntley     Steelers               Ken Oxendine        Falcons
WR: Keenan McCardell    Jaguars            WR: Corey Bradford      Packers
    Johnnie Morton      Lions                  Derrick Mayes       Seahawks
    Yancey Thigpen      Titans                 Rob Moore           Cardinals
    Amani Toomer        Giants                 Terrell Owens       49ers
TE: Shannon Sharpe      Broncos                Bill Schroeder      Packers
    Wesley Walls        Panthers           K : Gary Anderson       Vikings
K : Olindo Mare         Dolphins           Def Green Bay Defense   Packers
Def Oakland Defense     Raiders                Seattle Defense     Seahawks

The Duke's                                 Wrath Squadron
Matt Barr                                  Ben Rogers
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Pos Player              NFL Team     IR    Pos Player              NFL Team     IR
---------------------------------------    ---------------------------------------
QB: Drew Bledsoe        Patriots           QB: Charlie Batch       Lions
    Tim Couch           Browns                 Gus Frerotte        Lions
RB: Curtis Enis         Bears                  Brian Griese        Broncos
    Ahman Green         Seahawks           RB: Stephen Davis       Redskins
    Terry Kirby         Browns                 Leroy Hoard         Vikings
    Curtis Martin       Jets                   Michael Pittman     Cardinals
WR: Tim Brown           Raiders                Errict Rhett        Ravens
    James Jett          Raiders            WR: Kevin Dyson         Titans
    Charles Johnson     Eagles                 Keyshawn Johnson    Jets
    O.J. McDuffie       Dolphins               Herman Moore        Lions
TE: Freddie Jones       Chargers               Muhsin Muhammad     Panthers
K : Mike Hollis         Jaguars                Marcus Robinson     Bears
    Mike Vanderjagt     Colts                  Jimmy Smith         Jaguars
Def Denver Defense      Broncos            K : Martin Gramatica    Buccaneers
    Tampa Bay Defense   Buccaneers         Def Jacksonville DefenseJaguars

Horatio Rage                               Carolina Cobras
Stan Coleman                               Keith Bowman
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Pos Player              NFL Team     IR    Pos Player              NFL Team     IR
---------------------------------------    ---------------------------------------
QB: Doug Flutie         Bills              QB: Rich Gannon         Raiders
    Jeff George         Vikings                Jon Kitna           Seahawks
RB: Skip Hicks          Redskins               Kurt Warner         Rams
    Edgerrin James      Colts              RB: Kevin Faulk         Patriots
    J.J. Johnson        Dolphins               Adrian Murrell      Cardinals
    Dorsey Levens       Packers                Emmitt Smith        Cowboys
    Jonathan Linton     Bills                  Duce Staley         Eagles
WR: Donald Hayes        Panthers           WR: Curtis Conway       Bears
    Eric Moulds         Bills                  Terance Mathis      Falcons
    Hines Ward          Steelers               Randy Moss          Vikings
TE: Cameron Cleeland    Saints                 Carl Pickens        Bengals
    Tony Gonzalez       Chiefs                 Jerry Rice          49ers
    Pete Mitchell       Giants             K : Ryan Longwell       Packers
K : Jeff Wilkins        Rams               Def Dallas Defense      Cowboys
Def Baltimore Defense   Ravens                 Minnesota Defense   Vikings

Rhode's Runners                            Mad Dogz
Vern Rhodes                                Chris Racusen
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Pos Player              NFL Team     IR    Pos Player              NFL Team     IR
---------------------------------------    ---------------------------------------
QB: Elvis Grbac         Chiefs             QB: Troy Aikman         Cowboys
    Peyton Manning      Colts                  Steve McNair        Titans
    Kordell Stewart     Steelers           RB: Donnell Bennett     Chiefs
RB: Corey Dillon        Bengals                Larry Centers       Redskins
    Napoleon Kaufman    Raiders                Eddie George        Titans
    James Stewart       Jaguars                Antowain Smith      Bills
    Fred Taylor         Jaguars            WR: Cris Carter         Vikings
WR: Troy Edwards        Steelers               Oronde Gadsden      Dolphins
    Joey Galloway       Seahawks               Az-zahir Hakim      Rams
    Terry Glenn         Patriots               Kevin Johnson       Browns
    Eddie Kennison      Saints                 Keith Poole         Saints
    Darnay Scott        Bengals                Terrence Wilkins    Colts
K : Adam Vinatieri      Patriots           K : Al Delgreco         Titans
Def New Orleans Defense Saints                 John Kasay          Panthers
    St. Louis Defense   Rams               Def Pittsburgh Defense  Steelers

Pixberg Stillers                           Frydaddy
Chip Woodward                              Gary Fry
=======================================    =======================================
Pos Player              NFL Team     IR    Pos Player              NFL Team     IR
---------------------------------------    ---------------------------------------
QB: Steve Beuerlein     Panthers           QB: Randall Cunningham  Vikings
    Shane Matthews      Bears                  Trent Dilfer        Buccaneers
    Jake Plummer        Cardinals          RB: Terry Allen         Patriots
RB: Mike Alstott        Buccaneers             Cecil Collins       Dolphins
    Marshall Faulk      Rams                   Warrick Dunn        Buccaneers
    Lamar Smith         Saints                 Fred Lane           Panthers
    Ricky Williams      Saints             WR: Rae Carruth         Panthers
WR: Derrick Alexander   Chiefs                 Bert Emanuel        Buccaneers
    Isaac Bruce         Rams                   Antonio Freeman     Packers
    Tim Dwight          Falcons                Irving Fryar        Redskins
    Jeff Graham         Chargers               Marvin Harrison     Colts
    Rod Smith           Broncos            K : Jason Elam          Broncos
K : Kris Brown          Steelers               Jason Hanson        Lions
    John Carney         Chargers           Def Kansas City Defense Chiefs
Def Miami Defense       Dolphins               Ny Jets Defense     Jets
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