More FATRFL Transactions

-Enlightenment Cafe place WR Rob Moore on IR, drop RB Kimble Anders, pick up
RB Ken Oxendine
-BC Warriors drop WR Tony Simmons, pick up WR Frank Sanders
-Enlightenment Cafe drop QB Brian Griese, pick up QB Bubby Brister
-Horatio Rage drop K Chris Jacke and RB Lamar Smith, pick up K Jeff Wilkens, activate 
RB James Allen from IR
-Cobras drop Oakland D, pick up Dallas D
-Mad Dogz drop RB Amp Lee and WR Frank Sanders, pick up WRs Reidel Anthony and 
Kevin Johnson
-Enlightenment Cafe drop WR Mike Pritchard, pick up RB Derek Loville
-Mad Dogz drop WR Courtney Hawkins, pick up WR Az-zahir Hakim
-Cobras drop WR JJ Stokes, pick up WR Curtis Conway
-BC Warriors drop RB Chris Warren, pick up RB Tyrone Wheatley
-Mad Dogz drop WR Curtis Conway, pick up WR Courtney Hawkins
-Horatio Rage drop RB Tyrone Wheatley, pick up RB Lamar Smith
-Enlightenment Cafe place QB Steve Young on IR, pick up WR Mike Pritchard
-BC Warriors pick up QB Chris Chandler, place him on IR.
-Enlightenment Cafe drop RB Charles Way, pick up RB Greg Hill
-Horatio Rage drop TE Tyrone Davis and RB Greg Hill, pick up TE Cam Cleeland and 
QB Chris Miller
-Wrath Squadron drop K Morten Andersen, pick up K Martin Gramatica
-Cobras drop QB Chris Chandler, pick up WR JJ Stokes
-Horatio Rage drop RB Barry Sanders, pick up RB Tyrone Wheatley
-Rhode's Runners drop RB Sedrick Shaw, pick up St Louis D
-Which Bear Project place RB Priest Holmes on IR, pick up K Kris Brown
-Duke's drop WR Michael Jackson, pick up WR Amani Toomer
-Mad Dogz place QB Steve McNair on IR, pick up QB Stoney Case
-BC Warriors drop QB Kent Graham, WR Dedrick Ward, pick up TE Frank Wycheck and WR Jake Reed
-Enlightenment Cafe drop WR Andre Rison, pick up RB Terrell Fletcher
-Wrath Squad drop TE Cameron Cleeland
-Horatio Rage activate TE Tony Gonzalez, drop QB Jeff Blake, WR J.J. Stokes, TE Freddie 
Jones, and K Richie Cunningham, pick up RB Barry Sanders, K Chris Jacke, and TE Tyrone Davis
-Pixberg Stillers drop Arizona D and WR Leslie Shepherd, pick up Buffalo D and 
WR Jeff Graham
-Enlightenment Cafe place RB Kimble Anders on IR, pick up RB Charles Way
-Which Bear Project place RB Jamal Anderson on IR, pick up RB Byron Hanspard
-Which Bear Project drop K Wade Richey and San Fran D, pick up K Olindo Mare and Carolina D
-Mt Vernon Voodoo place RB Gary Brown on IR, pick up RB Rashaan Shehee
-BC Warriors drop RB Sean Bennett, pick up QB Neil O'Donnell
-Mad Dogz drop WR Jake Reed, pick up WR Keith Poole
-Pixberg Stillers place RB Garrison Hearst on IR, pick up RB Randy Jordan
-Horatio Rage drop RB Rashaan Shehee, pick up QB Jeff Blake.
-Cobras drop WR Reidel Anthony and TE Frank Wycheck, pick up QB Kurt Warner and 
RB Bam Morris
-BC Warriors drop WR Amani Toomer, pick up Tennessee Defense
-Enlightenment Cafe drop RB Bam Morris, pick up WR Derrick Mayes
-Wrath Squadron place WR Herman Moore on IR, drop TE Rickey Dudley, pick up WRs 
E.G. Green and Kevin Dyson
-BC Warriors drop QB Vinny Testaverde, pick up QB Jim Harbaugh
-Enlightenment Cafe drop WR Derrick Mayes, pick up WR Andre Rison
-Cobras drop WR Andre Rison, pick up WR Carl Pickens
-Horatio Rage pick up RB James Allen and place him on IR
-Horatio Rage place TE Tony Gonzalez on IR, pick up RB Rashaan Sheehee
-Cobras drop RB Rashaan Salaam and WR Carl Pickens, pick up WR Andre Rison and 
TE Frank Wycheck
-Wrath Squadron pick up TE Cameron Cleeland and place him on IR.
-Horatio Rage drop RB Madre Hill, pick up TE Freddie Jones
-BC Warriors place WR Wayne Chrebet on IR, pick up WR Dedric Ward
-Mt Vernon Voodoo drop QB Bubby Brister, pick up QB Trent Dilfer
-Enlightenment Cafe drop WR Andre Rison, pick up QB Brian Griese
-Horatio Rage drop QB Trent Green, pick up QB Jeff George
-Horatio Rage drop TE Cam Cleeland, pick up RB Greg Hill
-BC Warriors drop K Olindo Mare, pick up RB Sean Bennett NYG

-Mt Vernon Voodoo trade their 1st, 2nd, and 4th round picks to the California Cobras
in exchange for the Cobra's 1st, 2nd, and 6th round picks.
-Pixberg Stillers trade their 1st, 2nd, and 7th round picks to Horatio Rage 
in exchange for Rage's 1st, 2nd, and 6th round picks.
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