Most recent moves are on top of the list

-ADIDAS activate WR Herman Moore, drop TE Frank Wycheck
-USA BwH drop WR Carl Pickens and RB Ken Oxendine, pick up Tampa Bay Defense and
K John Kasay
-Outlaws activate RB Fred Taylor, drop TE Shannon Sharpe, WR Jerry Rice, QB Neil
O'Donnell, pick up Tim Dwight
-Krushers drop RB Sedrick Irvin, pick up RB Donnell Bennett
-Krushers drop QB Brian Griese, pick up QB Rich Gannon
-USA BwH drop RB Bryon Hanspard, activate QB Charlie Batch
-Eck's Men drop WR Kevin Dyson and RB Charlie Garner, activate RB Cecil Collins, 
pick up WR Johnnie Morton
-Qui-Gon Jim drop WR Derrick Mayes, QB Rich Gannon, RB Michael Pittman, pick up QB Jim Miller, K Mike Vanderjagt, and Dallas D
-USA BwH drop RB LeShon Johnson, pick up RB Greg Hill
-Outlaws drop TE Byron Chamberlain, pick up WR Darnay Scott
-Krushers drop WR Yancey Thigpen, pick up WR Corey Bradford
-Eck's Men place RB Cecil Collins on IR, drop RB Leroy Hoard, activate 
QB Dan Marino, pick up QB Jake Plummer
-Krushers drop RB Kenny Bynum, pick up K Martin Gramatica
-Dallas Inferno drop K Ryan Longwell, pick up RB Kevin Faulk
-Brutal Rampage activate RB Emmitt Smith from IR, drop QB Karim-Abdul Jabbar
-Krushers remove RB Natrone Means from IR and drop him
-ADIDAS activate WR Rob Moore, drop RB Lawrence Phillips
-Eck's Men place QB Dan Marino on IR, pick up QB J.J. Johnson
-Outlaws place RB Fred Taylor on IR, pick up WR Kevin Johnson
-Qui-Gon Jim drop RB Greg Hill, pick up RB Michael Pittman
-Eck's Men activate RB Robert Smith, drop RB Damon Huard
-USA BwH place QB Charlie Batch on IR, pick up QB Gus Frerotte
-Outlaws remove K Jeff Wilkens from IR, drop WR Peerless Price
-Brutal Rampage place RB Emmitt Smith on IR, pick up RB Jonathan Linton
-Eck's Men drop WR Kevin Johnson, pick up QB Damon Huard
-ADIDAS drop Dallas D, pick up Tennessee D
-Eck's Men drop San Fran D, activate WR Eric Moulds from IR
-USA BwH drop TE Ben Coates, pick up WR Carl Pickens
-Dallas Inferno drop RB Kevin Faulk, pick up RB Chris Warren
-Outlaws activate QB Steve McNair, place K Jeff Wilkins on IR, drop WRs Darnay Scott
and Carl Pickens, pick up WR Marcus Robinson and K Todd Peterson
-Qui-Gon Jim drop Tampa Bay D, pick up Kansas City D
-Outlaws drop QB Jake Plummer, pick up WR Peerless Price
-ADIDAS drop Pittsburgh D, pick up Dallas D
-Krushers place RB Natrone Means on IR, drop RB Ron Rivers, pick up RBs Kenny Bynum and Sedrick Irvin
-Dallas Inferno drop RB Rashaan Shehee, pick up RB Kevin Faulk
-Qui-Gon Jims drop WR Curtis Conway, pick up WR Derrick Mayes
-Krushers drop Vikings D, pick up Jaguars D
-ADIDAS drop Jaguars D, pick up Steelers D
-USA BwH drop RBs Amp Lee, Gary Brown, Terrell Davis, and QB Chris Chandler, pick up
RBs Leshon Johnson and Napoleon Kaufman
-Qui Gon Jims drop QB Steve Young, pick up QB Steve Beuerlein
-Brutal Rampage drop RB Richard Huntley, pick up RB Karim Abdul-Jabbar
-Qui-Gon Jim drop Chicago D, pick up RB Greg Hill
-Krushers drop QB Jim Harbaugh, pick up QB Brian Griese
-Outlaws drop TE Marcus Pollard, place TE Shannon Sharpe on IR, pick up RB Olandis Gary
and TE Byron Chamberlain

Prior TMWFFL Transactions

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