More TMWFFL Transactions

-Brutal Rampage drop RB Napoleon Kaufman, pick up RB Robert Holcombe
-ADIDAS drop K Pete Stoyanovich, pick up K Brett Conway
-USA BwH drop RB Adrian Murrell, NY Giants D, and K Richie Cunningham, pick up
RBs Amp Lee, Ken Oxendine, and Byron Hanspard
-ADIDAS place WR Rob Moore on IR, pick up TE Frank Wycheck
-Dallas Inferno place WR Michael Irvin on IR, pick up K Ryan Longwell
-Qui-Gon Jim drop RB Derek Loville and K John Carney, pick up Chicago D and K Olindo Mare
-Outlaws drop WRs Johnnie Morton and Chris Calloway, pick up TE Marcus Pollard
and WR Darnay Scott
-Krushers drop K John Hall, pick up WR Wayne Chrebet
-Eck's Men drop WR Darnay Scott, pick up WR Kevin Dyson
-USA BwH drop RB Charles Way, pick up RB Gary Brown
-USA BwH drop WR Dedrick Ward, pick up WR Amani Toomer
-Outlaws drop New England D, pick up St. Louis D
-Dallas Inferno drop RB Bam Morris, pick up RB Rashaan Shehee
-Krushers drop WRs Wayne Chrebet and Kevin Dyson, pick up WR Derrick Alexander
-Qui-Gon Jims drop WR Derrick Alexander, pick up WR Albert Connell
-Qui-Gon Jims drop RB Byron Hanspard, pick up RB Derek Loville
-USA BwH place RB Terrell Davis on IR, pick up WR Dedrick Ward
-Brutal Rampage drop WR Hines Ward, pick up WR Az-zahir Hakim
-USA BwH drop NY Jets D, pick up NY Giants D
-Qui-Gon Jims drop K Ryan Longwell and NY Giants D, pick up QB Rich Gannon and Bucs D
-Outlaws drop K Kris Brown and Pittsburgh D, pick up K Jeff Wilkins and New England D
-Dallas Inferno drop RB Kevin Faulk, pick up RB Tim Biakabutuka
-Krushers drop Denver D, RBs Barry Sanders and Chris Warren, pick up Minnesota D, 
QB Jim Harbaugh, and RB Ron Rivers
-USA BwH drop WR Derrick Ward, place QB Chris Chandler on IR, and pick up WR
Mushin Muhammad and QB Charlie Batch
-Brutal Rampage drop QB Brian Griese, WR Mushin Muhammad, RBs Jamal Anderson and Karim 
Abdul-Jabbar, pick up QB Kordell Stewart, WR Hines Ward, and RBs Richard Huntley and
Terry Allen
-Outlaws drop RB Kimble Anders and K Morten Andersen, pick up RB Errict Rhett 
and K Kris Brown
-Qui-Gon Jims drop RB Ron Rivers, pick up RB Byron Hanspard
-Outlaws drop WR Tony Simmons, pick up RB Kimble Anders
-USA BwH drop Atlanta D and RB Priest Holmes, pick up Jets D and RB Charles Way
-Outlaws drop Jets D, place QB Steve McNair on IR, pick up Pittsburgh D and QB Neil O'Donnell
-Eck's Men drop RB Kimble Anders and WR Andre Rison, pick up RBs Rob Konrad and
Charlier Garner
-Ken's Krushers put Wayne Chrebet on IR, pick up RB Barry Sanders
-Qui-Gon Jims drop RB Greg Hill and WR J.J. Stokes, pick up RBs Ron Rivers and James Stewart
-ADIDAS place WR Herman Moore on IR, drop WR Reidel Anthony and San Fran D, pick up 
WR Raghib Ismail, WR Germane Crowell, and Jacksonville D
-Brutal Rampage drop QB Vinny Testaverde, pick up QB Kurt Warner
-Krushers drop WR Jermaine Lewis, pick up WR Kevin Dyson
-Outlaws drop RB Ron Rivers, pick up WR Carl Pickens
-USA BwH drop WR Raghib Ismail, pick up WR Dedrick Ward
-Qui-Gon Jims drop RB Skip Hicks, pick up RB Greg Hill
-Brutal Rampage drop QB Bubby Brister, pick up QB Brian Griese
-Eck's Men drop QB Trent Green, pick up QB Dan Marino
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